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> Anti-Dumping
> Anti-Dumping duty on Chinese yarn till 2012 01-06-2011
> Anti-Dumping Investigations ease as economies pick up - WTO 06-12-2010
> Anti-dumping notifications need greater clarity 19-07-2011
> Anti-Dumping Tariffs on Vietnam Shoes Scrapped: EU 20-03-2011
> China extends antidumping duty on synthetic rubber "neoprene" until 2016 11-05-2011
> China firm challenges anti-dumping ruling 17-05-2012
> China sets duties on EU and Japanese steel tubes 10-05-2012
> China to address anti-dumping duties on Indian antibiotics 24-08-2011
> China's anti dumping import duty on potato starch may end next year 09-08-2011
> China's victory against EU suggestive of redrafting of WTO rules 19-07-2011
> Clash between China and EU over anti-dumping duties 28-07-2011
> EU hits China with first-ever anti-subsidy tariffs 17-05-2011
> EU: US Biodiesel slapped with duties applicable retrospectively 12-05-2011
> India faces Chinese dumping threat 04-05-2010
> India imposes anti-dumping duty on Chinese telecom equipment 27-12-2010
> India to impose anti-dumping duty on imports of a chemical from E.U likely 19-04-2012
> Indian government imposes anti-dumping duty on phosphoric acid from Israel and Taiwan 17-04-2012
> Pakistan wins anti-dumping duty case with the help of NTC 01-05-2012
> Punjab bicycle industry asks for anti-dumping duty on Chinese imports 02-09-2011
> South Korea extends anti-dumping duties on kraft paper 19-04-2012