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International Trade Management

Registrations open for the
20th Executive Program on International Trade Management.

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The Certificate in International Trade Management (CITM) course focuses on the concerns of practicing International Trade professionals and new entrants, and aids in understanding factors affecting the global market-place, along with the entire process from a practical, customer-driven viewpoint. This is a multidisciplinary course designed to provide the participants an insight into International Trade with emphasis on export-import management; it is designed in the form of easy to grasp five modules with the help of trained and experienced faculty.

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  • Graduates seeking an insight into the international business environment and industry
  • Current employees in the industry who wish to have additional qualifications and updated knowledge
  • Entrepreneurs who wish to start BPO / KPO / overseas ventures
  • SMEs who wish to start new ventures with knowledge about foreign trade and finance in the era of globalisation
  • Decide if you are ready to export
  • Evaluate your companys export potential
  • Choose Foreign Markets
  • Select your distribution channels
  • Framework of International Trade
  • Financing Alternatives and various Payment Methods
  • Risks related to Foreign Exchange, Legal and Political Environment
  • Taxation Issues Related to Cross-border Trade
  • Leveraging IPR for Trade

Module I - International Trade: Institutional Framework and Basics

  1. Globalisation - A Holistic Approach
  2. WTO & Trade Liberalisation - Trade Agreements, Economic Integration
  3. Reasons for International Business Expansion
  4. Indias Foreign Trade
  5. Institutional Framework for International Trade in India
  6. International Economic Institutons
  7. Role of Government in Export Promotion - Foreign Trade Policy

Module II - International Trade Procedures & Documentation

  1. Export-Import Procedures
  2. Export-Import Documentation
  3. International Business Contracts
  4. Terms of Delivery in International Trade Transactions
  5. Method of Payment
  6. Financing Exports & Imports
  7. Instruments of Payments
  8. Export Finance
  9. Insurance
  10. Customs clearance
  11. Quality and Preshipment Inspection
  12. Customs Valuation

Module III - Logistics and Supply Chain Management, and International Marketing

  1. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  2. Shipping
  3. Ports
  4. Modes of Transport
  5. International Marketing
  6. Global E-Business (Information and Communication Technology)

Module IV - International Finance

  1. International Finance - An Overview
  2. Foreign Direct Investment
  3. Foreign Portfolio / Institutional Investors
  4. Multinational Enterprises
  5. Risks in International Business
  6. Foreign Exchange
  7. Doing Business
    • Middle East
    • ASEAN countries
    • Australia and News Zealand
    • China and Japan

Module V

  1. Intellectual Property Rights
  2. International Taxation

All candidates who complete the course successfully shall be awarded with the Certificate on International Trade Management by Institute of International Trade
  • International Business Law Professionals In the Import / Export Industry, there is a need of understanding specific legal needs of various countries. Many corporations have there own legal staff to aid in the understanding of legal issues abroad and some hire professional services.
  • Freight Forwarding and Customhouse Brokers Freight forwarders and customhouse brokers are agents who facilitate export and import shipments. Freight forwarders specialize in transportation and inventory storage, while customhouse brokers handle import shipments.
  • Those aspiring to join as Import-Export Agent, Wholesaler, Freight Forwarder, Product Manager, C&F Agent of reputed Export House.
  • Start ones own export business.

"Lecturing of the experts was very professional" - Mildred O. Lesole Administration Assistance, SADC Botswana.

"Elaborate discussion with examples from current affairs". - Sajan Agarwala Sr. Manager, Patton International Ltd.

"The subjects covered, and the good faculties helped me in getting information about the area of my work to cover which is helpful for me " - Gourav Parakh Dy. Manager BVCL Ltd.