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International Taxation

Globalisation of economies is seeing companies with multi country operations in increasing numbers. Increase in the number of cross border transactions, mergers & acquisitions, transfer pricing and tax treaties have added to the complexities of already complex tax laws in the country. Such a scenario gives rise to more complex and vague taxation issues. Therefore, to untangle the complexities and keeping in mind the problems faced by the tax professionals and the companies operating at global scale, IITrade has come up with this course on international taxation. The course would help participants understand taxation understand from a global standpoint.

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  • Chartered Accountant
  • Tax Consultant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Company Secretary
  • Lawyer
  • International Business Managers
  • Entrepreneurs / Students
  • Understand the basic principles of how taxation applies to international transactions
  • Learn about the role of the India in international tax
  • Understand how the Indian tax rules interact with international structures
  • Recognise the key tax issues involved in structuring overseas expansion
  • Identify key Indian corporate tax issues involved in Indian investments and operations
  • Appreciate the importance and significance of the Indian tax issues impacting corporate transactions
  • Evaluate the risks posed by various anti-deferral regimes of the Indian tax system
  • Develop an understanding of the issues involved in financing foreign investment
  • Learn about the methods of relieving double taxation
  • Become more familiar with reading and interpreting double tax treaties
  • Understanding the impact of transfer pricing
  • Module I - Introduction
  • Module II - Jurisdiction to Tax
  • Module III - Double Taxation Relief
  • Module IV - Transfer Pricing
  • Module V - Anti-Avoidance Measures
  • Module VI - Tax Treaties
  • Module VII - Emerging Issues
All candidates who complete the course successfully shall be awarded with the Certificate in International Taxation by the Institute of International Trade.

The study of international taxation are based on the factors governing the taxation system of a particular country, and being familiar with those factors is the job of an expert on international taxation. The experts must be very well versed with the knowledge on laws administrating the international taxation which plays an important part in the analysis of the international taxation.

The specialists in international taxation are highly in demand among the transnational companies because these international taxation experts are renowned to lower tax liabilities of several companies. The international taxation is especially popular among the accountants and lawyers engaged in legal system of taxation.

Many international tax professionals have "learned on the job", or they are accountants or lawyers or work for the national revenue office doing international tax. This qualification truly identifies you as an international tax specialist. It will "fill in the gaps" of your knowledge of international tax and other jurisdictions.