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Intellectual Property Management

As the global economy gradually revives from recession, intellectual property (IP) has the power to harness the true potential of an organization. But with the lack of awareness of competent IP identification and protection methods, small and medium scale Indian firms fail to compete in a global hostile environment. This is a multidisciplinary course designed to provide the participants an insight into Intellectual Property with emphasis on intellectual property management; it is designed in the form of easy to grasp five modules with the help of trained and experienced faculty.

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  • Engineers and Science Graduates can be prospective patent agents besides being the inventors
  • Students in Research Programmes can participate in the patenting of pioneering breakthroughs
  • Lawyers will be equipped to assist the client in advising on Copyrights, Trade Marks, Designs etc.
  • Chartered Accountants will find it as a value addition in valuing their clients intellectual property
  • Company Secretaries can be the key player by communicating the fair value of companys IP to stake holders.
  • Scientific Officers in R&D are always inventing and innovating, which calls for proper documentation and protection of the IP at stake.

Upon successful completion of the course, the candidates shall be able to take a stand on the following aspects:

  1. Understanding various instruments of intellectual property
  2. Analyse the role of World Intellectual Property Organisation and other international agencies in intellectual property (IP) promotion and regulation
  3. Importance of various IP and various agreements in global business environment
  4. The link between intellectual property and the corporate world
  5. Understand and interpret various types of IP laws in context with the Indian business scenario
  6. Effectively execute filing and application procedures of various types of IP
  7. Technically validate and answer to various claims, appeals, oppositions etc.
  8. Master due diligence techniques while dealing in legal matters
  9. Gain competitive edge over various areas of IP management

Module I

  1. Intellectual Property Rights - An Introduction, different types of IPR & a historical perspective
  2. TRIPs - Harmonization and unification for IPR laws, various international conventions and treaties such as Paris Convention, Berne Convention, Convention of Bio-Diversity and Sui Genesis System on Plant varieties

Module II

  1. Patents - Laws and procedures for Patentability, prior and search filing of application, fee structure, Prosecution drafting, Publication, first examination report, replies to objections and grant of patents, Pre- grant opposition, post-grant opposition & appeals, International filing laws and procedures for PCT & certain jurisdictions being EPO & USPTO

Module III

  1. Trademarks - Laws and procedures for filing applications, Prosecution, opposition, appeals, litigations, International filing, Madrid Protocol, case studies.
  2. Designs - Industrial Design Act, procedures for filing of application in India and abroad
  3. Copyrights - Different kinds of copyright, laws and procedure for filing & grant of copyrights
  4. Integrated Circuit Layout and Designs and Geographical Indications - Laws and procedures

Module IV

  1. Assignment, licensing, sales of various types of IPR; drafting of deeds, implications of stamp duty, Registration etc
  2. IP Management - General features, objectives and importance
  3. IP Accounting & Valuation - Various accounting standards & methods of valuation with case studies & illustration.

Module V

  1. IP Management Tools - IP Risk Management, IP Audit, IP Analysis - Landscaping & portfolio management, IP Commercialization - IP Broking / Auction, IP Due Diligence - M & As; IP & HR - NDAs, Drafting letter of Appointment etc.; IP security, IP Taxation - Implications, IP Mining, maintenance, IP watch
All candidates who complete the course successfully shall be awarded with the Certificate on Intellectual Property Management by Institute of International Trade
  1. IP portfolio managers
  2. Patent and trademark attorneys
  3. Brand and product managers
  4. Licensing managers
  5. Business managers
  6. R&D staff / invention contributors
  7. Paralegals
  8. Docketing staff

"I want to appreciate the Institute for such a good study material" Chintamani D. Kadtu, Examiner of Trade Marks & GI , Trade Marks Registry Govt. of India

"I found the course quite concise and covering almost all the essential topics. I especially found it helpful as (I) being from a completely different background I could comprehend the subject without much effort and has worked as an excellent introductory tool to the field of patenting, to me." - Dr. Anasua Ganguly