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Training Calender 2013




International Trade 

Export Management

2nd-3rd March / 20th-21st July / 7th-8th December

EXIM Procedures & Documentation

6th-7th April / 17th-18th August / 4th-5th January

International Marketing

4th-5th May /  14th-15th September / 1st-2nd Feb

International Finance

1st-2nd June / 12th-13th October

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

29th-30th June / 9th-10th November

Intellectual Property 

IP Valuation

9th-10th March / 27th-28th July / 14th-15th December

Technology Transfer and Licensing

13th-14th April / 24th-25th August / 11th-12th Jan

IP Accounting & Taxation

11th-12th May /  21st-22nd September / 8th-9th Feb

IP Landscaping

8th-9th June  / 19th-20th October

Patent Drafting

6th-7th July / 16th-17th November

Banking & Finance 

International Taxation

16th-17th March / 3rd-4th August / 22nd-23rd December

Banking & Finance

20th-21st April / 31st Aug - 1st Sept / 18th-19th Jan

US GAAP & IFRS Convergence

18th-19th May / 28th-29th September / 15th-16th Feb

Cross Border M&As

15th-16th June / 26th-27th October

Insurance & Risk Management

13th-14th July / 23rd-24th November

General Management 

Quality Management System

23rd-24th March / 10th-11th August / 28th-29th December

Information Security Management System

27th - 28th April / 7th-8th September / 25th-26th Jan

Total Quality Management (TQM)

25th-26th May / 5th-6th October / 22nd-23rd Feb

Six Sigma (Green Belt)

22nd-23rd June / 30th Nov-1st Dec